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Emilia & Pablo

Emilia y Pablo
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Emilia & Pablo

Chilean-Spanish duo based in Madrid combine their experiences in the performing arts with a unique mix of Latin American and flamenco folklore.


After more than six years studying drama and Latin American and Spanish musical traditions, they have recorded their first album with Diego Galaz, producer of Quique González and La M.O.D.A. among others. Emilia and Pablo seek to lose cultural limits, both in format and content, fusing artistic elements. They believe in their bodies as channels containing emotions, capable of merging and reconfiguring their passage through the show.


They defend folklore as a universal language that allows us to investigate different influences, whether they come from Latin American sounds such as joropo, bolero or chacarera or from flamenco culture.


In 2019, after performances in the Sala Caracol and in the Sala Mirador, they won the first prize from the Madrid City Council - Young Creators of Madrid. They have presented their sounds in different cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Marseille, Madrid and Santiago de Chile.


In that same year they formed the "Colectivo Delirio", an audiovisual team in order to give the project a cinematographic dimension. They are finalists at the Andorran Film Festival and semifinalists for Best Video Clip at the MIN Awards with “Territorio de Delirio”.


In 2020 they shared the stage as openers of Diego El Cigala, Estrella Morente and José Mercé in Caprichos Musicales e Paradores.

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