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Fogo Fogo

Fogo Fogo
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Fogo Fogo

Fogo Fogo present their new live repertoire, based on the original album “Fladu Fla”, edited in last September 2021.


Integrated in the lineup are Funana classics revisited by the band, using electric instruments and a musical formation similar to those of pop rock and Afro funk reggae bands from the 60s and 70s.

With influences from psychedelic rock and dub, some of the most experimental styles of the time, they seek to take this tradition further, with a modern flavour. In this sense, Fogo Fogo's proposal stands apart from others, which are almost always purely electronical.

On stage, the line-up is classic: Edu Mundo on drums, Francisco Rebelo on bass, Danilo Lopes on solo guitar & vocals, David Pessoa on rhythm guitar & vocals and João Gomes on keyboards.


Whether the audience is standing or seated Fogo Fogo always deliver a party and a funana celebration!

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