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Phoebe Killdeer

multimorph mystery gem

Phoebe Killdeer, musical-mystery-gem, became known performing with the band Nouvelle Vague. Featuring on their second album, 'Bande a Part' (2006), and touring with them on and off over the past 15 years.

Following her work with Nouvelle Vague, Killdeer went on to pursue a solo career, forming various cool bands. 


'The Short Straws' with Cedric Le Roux, Alexandre Maillard & Raphael Seguinier.

Releasing two albums: 'Weather's Coming' in 2008 and 'Innerquake' in 2011.

Killdeer's musical style is influenced by the likes of Tom Waits and 1960s rock and blues; her voice and performance have been compared to that of Peggy Lee and PJ Harvey.

A song from the second album, "The Fade Out Line", was subsequently reworked by the French producer The Avener, released in 2014 under the altered title, 'Fade Out Lines' becoming a worldwide hit.

'The Shift', with Ole Wulfers.

As two sound designers and experimental musicians they make music together with no limits, no genres and no style... anything goes. The result is music which sounds minimal & full blast at the same time, abstract & concrete, dirty & clean.

Their first album, 'The Piano's Playing the Devil's Tune' (2016) features Maria De Medeiros. They have a 2nd album in the making due for release over 2021.

Phoebe Killdeer is parallelly working with longterm mischief touring partner Melanie Pain on 'Kill The Pain' due for release in 2021.

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Phoebe Killdeer by Mimi Davies
Phoebe Killdeer
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