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Wax Tailor

NEW SINGLE – MISERY: November 12, 2020


As a preamble to his coming album Wax Tailor releases "Misery" ft. Rosemary Standley (singer of Moriarty). The music video, entirely in motion design by Berkay Turk draws a dystopian portrait of a society under surveillance and authoritarian in which the characters hide their emotions and expressions behind emoticons. These masks illustrate here the uniformity of this society and also serve as a parable, symbolic of the omnipotence and predominance of social networks. These iconic representations, the new opium of the people, have invaded all fields of representation in the society up to art and religion. Despite this, disparities have not disappeared, but this allegory also illustrates the speech.


A craftsman on the margins of the music industry, resilient to ephemeral musical trends, Wax Tailor continues to dig his groove in the shadow of the media’s “suns”. French independent producer recognized internationally, he has been on the road for more than 20 years and with 6 studio albums, more than 800 concerts in 60 countries and numerous awards, has become one of the main ambassadors of the electro-hip hop scene.


Wax Tailor will embark on a new international tour next fall which will start in France with a date at the famous Paris Olympia on December 2, 2021.

5 years after his last studio album, Wax Tailor is back with "The Shadow Of Their Suns" a darkly elegant "sound feature" accompanied by a new and prestigious cast. Behind this allegorical title hides a long period of brainstorm. The luxury of time in a world where everything goes fast. Time to observe the light from the shadow, the "whirlwind of life", its excesses, its drifts and its symbolic violence. Time to think and translate into music as a privileged witness of our society.

Among the guests of this new album, the rock legend Mark Lanegan & his unique voice, Del the Funky Homosapien (Gorillaz, Hieroglyphics),     D Smoke (Winner Netflix Rythm + Flow, the new west coast scene sensation), the late Gil Scott Heron, Rosemary Standley (Moriarty), Mr LIF (Thievery Corporation, Def Jux), Yugen Blakrok (noticed alongside Kendrick Lamar & Vince Staples on the Black Panther album), Adeline (Brooklyn’s Best Kept secret soul singer), Boog Brown (Detroit femcee).


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