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Mélanie Pain

Mélanie Pain is a French singer, known for being one of the main singers of the band Nouvelle Vague since 2004.

She has appeared on all their albums, and notably on their most memorable tracks : Dance with me, Ever fallen in love or This is not a love song. Mélanie Pain has been touring with Nouvelle Vague for 20 years, internationally.

As a solo artist, she sails between pop and folk, French and English. She has written 3 albums: My name (2009), Bye Bye Manchester (2013) and Parachute (2016), surrounding herself with the talents of Albin de La Simone, Florent Marchet, Ed Harcourt, Thomas Dydbhal, Julien Doré or Gael Rakotondrabe.

Mélanie also lends her voice to many other projects such as Villeneuve (FR), Whyte Horses (UK), Lanu (AUSTRALIA) Kill The Pain (FR/DE) etc. In 2016, she collaborated with Olivier Libaux on the book / record "La guitare dans la vitrine" published by Actes Sud Junior, of which she is the narrator and singer.

What's next?

The first album of Kill The Pain, the electro punk duo she created with Phoebe Killdeer, will be released on 24/03/23 and will be on tour in 2023.

The album All that Matters, a project by the late Nouvelle Vague guitarist Olivier Libaux, will also be released in 2023, with Mélanie performing the majority of the tracks.

A new Nouvelle Vague album is being prepared to celebrate the group's 20th anniversary, to be released in 2024.

Finally, Mélanie Pain is currently working on her fourth solo album with Brian Lopez (guitarist of Calexico and artist based in Tucson, Arizona), to be released in 2024.

Discography (main releases)

2004 - Graceland - Villeneuve

2004 - Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague

2005 - First Date - Villeneuve

2006 - Bande à part - Nouvelle Vague

2009 - My name - Mélanie Pain

2009 - 3 - Nouvelle vague

2010 - Best Of - Nouvelle Vague

2011 - Version Française - Nouvelle Vague

2012 - Bye Bye Manchester - Mélanie Pain

2016 - Parachute - Mélanie Pain

2016 - I could be happy - Nouvelle Vague

2019 - Rarities - Nouvelle Vague

2020 - Adieu Mon amour - Mélanie Pain

2023 - Kill The Pain - Kill The Pain


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