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The Shift

The Shift are Phoebe Killdeer & Ole Wulfers. The Shift’s use of sonic space dips you momentarily in a parallel dream filled with familiarity and warmth. Storytelling through experimental gestures and abstract instrumentation, they seem to sketch and carve away at the sonic vibrations all around brushing diverse genres without the need to categorize. ‘All is going well’ is wandering through pockets of time, inviting us to shift our perception through these soundscapes.

Pitch for the single ‘Aah’:

The song is an expression of the surprise, delight and joy one can express at the mystery of life. A rhythm based electronic dance track, with a vertigo bass line amid spiralling layers of floating keys giving you a sense of a free falling groove that carries you through space. A fresh hypnotic trip that leaves you wanting more.

‘The Shift’

The Shift are Phoebe Killdeer & Ole Wulfers. Ole Wulfers (Party Diktator / Kapaikos) and Phoebe Killdeer (Nouvelle Vague / Pk & The Short Straws) met in Berlin 2012 and started working together on compositions for theatre plays and dance performances. They recorded their first album in 2016 and are planning to release their second album soon, which features the collaboration of Sven Mühlender (Mixing engineer, Sound designer, owner and founder of Golden Gate Club, Berlin, Sound dep. for ARTE concerts), Mareike Hube (Trombone), Lukas Pfeiffer (Violin, Viola), Raphael Seguinier (Drums) & Julien Decoret (Double bass, Vibraphone) and Oz Fritz (Mixing engineer) and Cem Oral (Mastering engineer).


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