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Isaac & Nora

The future of music

When talking about very young artists, it is common to fall into the temptation to speak of them as "the future of music". But in the case of Isaac & Nora, two French siblings of 13 and 9 years old who have become a viral phenomenon thanks to their heartfelt and wonderful versions of songs from the Latin American popular repertoire, it is only fair that, beyond talking about the future, it is talking above all about the present.

Their unique, fragile and exciting versions of classics from the Latin songbook such as "Veinte años", "Gracias a la vida" or "Lagrimas negras" have given these popular hymns a new life and nuances, beyond the phenomenon.

Nora's sweetness, innocence and naturalness in her voice, with her particular Spanish accent, and Isaac accompanying his sister on the trumpet, together with their father Nicolas on guitar, manage to compose a melting pot of sound that, pay homage to the traditional songs.


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